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Start-up lectures

List of start-up lectures in 2015 (※ Time varies depending on the situation)

Classification Type Class Name Course No. Hour
Entrepreneurship Mandatory liberal arts Entrepreneurship and leadership YJH1010 Wed6,7,8
Mandatory liberal arts START UP BUISINESS YHK1013 Thu2,3,4
Mandatory liberal arts Creative performance item search YHL1031 Mon2,3,4
Selective liberal arts Understanding the industry and job competency YHQ1011 Fri7,8
Mandatory major Accounting principle MGT1002 Tue6,7/Wed2
General Theory of start-up MGT2014 Mon8,9/Wed7
General e-Business MIS3030 Tue2,3/Wed6
Selective liberal arts Distribution channel MGT3031 Thu1,2,3
General Start-up finance MGT3054 Wed6,7,8
General Smart business start-up ILA3003 Fri2,3,4
General Understanding the IPR ILA3007 Thu2,3,4
General Understanding technology business ILA3006 Mon6,7,8
Start-up training Selective major Special lecture on creative and moral business MGT4022 Thu6,7,8
Selective major Start-up organization MGT3043 Wed6/Thu2,3
Selective major Financial market MGT3070 Mon5,6,7
Selective major Entrepreneurship MGT3076 Thu2,3,4
Selective major Brand management MGT3042 Mon2,3/Wed3
General Converged start-up project (1) ILA4002 Tue6,7(Tue8,9)
General Medical engineering start-up project (1) ILA4003 Thu6,7(Thu8,9)
General Creative competency project (1) ILA4008 Fri1,2(Fri3,4)
General Start-up case analysis ILA3001 Tue2,3,4
General Start-up business strategy ILA3002 Wed2,3,4
General Patent strategies for companies and patent disputes ILA3008 Tue6,7,8
General Technical trade situations for open innovation ILA3009 Thu6,7,8