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Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) overview

The program was founded in the autumn of 1995 at Purdue University in Indiana, US and is similar to the capstone design at Yonsei LINC. It is a practical program which contributes to the local community and helps students improve their learning and competency by performing projects related to the human and local societies based on cooperation with nearby and global communities and students.

The program works as a global cooperative of 20 bodies in the US, India and Korea (Keimyung University and Yonsei University) and good practices are shared among the participating universities. Even a number of high schools participate in the program.

The students perform various projects to provide assistance in solving local problems and gain experience in problem definition - design - manufacturing - testing - installation - support to nurture communication skills, converged learning experience, leadership and project management competency.

Yonsei University has set up a foundation for expanding the capstone design worldwide by joining the program in November 2015 and plans to support various global capstone design activities. We welcome your active participation and proposals.