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Means cap stone in the dictionary - the stone on top of a building and the finish point.

Capstone design

창의적 종합 설계, 문제 중심의 학습, 협동 학습

Integrates and applies all theoretical subjects in university courses to solve problems in the actual industry. The goal is to nurture problem-solving capability, design / manufacture graduate work with the industry and experience the capstone-design scheme for planning / design / manufacturing.

· Creative and integrated design
· Problem-based learning (PBL)
· Cooperative Learning (CL)


3rd and 4th year students in the LINC participation department (Students in select departments)


LINC supports material purchase, prototype manufacturing, data / information cost for capstone design


Capstone Desing 과목 운영 [기본 설계 아이템 발굴 -> 전략 수립 주제 선정 -> 작품 설계 제작 -> ] 창의성 경진대회 [제품 전시 평가 -> 우수 사례 발표] 산학협력 코디네이터 (교수 + 산업체인사) + 참여학생 산업체 : -현장실무인력 확보, -기업요구 과제해결, -시제품 제작 학생 : -취업 연계, -실무능력 강화, -전공배양능력 향상

사업공고:학기초 -> 수강신청:수강신청기간 -> 과제진행:학기중 -> 경진대회:학기말