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산학협력의 르네상스를 실현하는 연세대학교 원주캠퍼스 LINC사업단 방문을 진심으로 환영합니다!

The Wonju LINC was selected as a player in the field of medical
equipment from the Leaders in INdustry Cooperation (LINC)
project by the Ministry of Education for the 5 years
(April 1, 2012 - December 28, 2017).
The Yonsei University Wonju LINC seeks to create best practices and
leading models in industry-university cooperation by expanding
the organization and the roles of the LINC project, strengthening the
capabilities for industry-academy cooperation, and reshuffling the
university system for better industry-academy cooperation.

The core vision of the LINC project is the co-development of the university and local industries by establishing an advanced industry-university cooperative system to nurture MEDICI-type human resources and create leading models. MEDICI is an acronym for Mentoring, Experience, Diversity, Incubation, Collaboration, Innovation. The Wonju LINC leads the renaissance with innovative ideas. The LINC project is aimed at leading the renaissance for industry-university cooperation like the Medici family that started the Renaissance. Participants in the project include the health & science, politics & economics, science & technology and literary & arts colleges. Unlike the existing cooperation focusing on science and engineering courses, the LINC would cover a wide segment of the campus including business administration, design, packaging, IT and logistics.

To this end, the Wonju LINC has established 3 departments for planning and general affairs, industry-university leadership, and industry-university intermediation, and 4 centers, namely the common equipment center, industry-university differentiation center, start-up training center and field training support center. These groups will help to achieve the vision by continuously reshuffling the university system, developing curriculums to nurture creative human resources with interdisciplinary knowledge and problem-solving capabilities for the medical equipment industry, implementing the family company system to develop the university-industry council and business-university cooperation, as well as performance management of the Wonju LINC. In addition, the Wonju LINC provides support for companies, jointly develops technologies based on industry-university cooperation, upgrades investment efficiency in research equipment and expands equipment utilization to set up a foundation for R&D investment expansion and for sharpening the competitive edge of small- and mid-sized companies, provides systematic support such as site training for university students and employment connections after graduation through prior- and post-management, organizes open-type incubation lectures and operates successfully through nurturing and supporting potential employers by introducing and implementing the graduation certification system.

The Yonsei University Wonju LINC team implements co-development and joint development with local universities through an advanced industry-university cooperation system and by nurturing the MEDICI human resources. Please watch and support our Wonju LINC team to successfully move toward successful results.

Thank you very much for visiting the Wonju LINC.